Parlé Productions

Making fools of ourselves for your entertainment!

About Parlé Productions

Parlé Productions came into existence by accident. It just so happened that the lot of us are great friends, and tend to have the same anime/video game/cosplay interests, and therefore group up often. We also find that some pretty amusing stuff tends to happen when we get together in front of a camera!

Jack and Kelly are the founding members of the group, and between them, they organise all filming, editing, and production of Parlé's YouTube videos. 

 Kelly and Charlotte (who are sisters) became friends with Laura and Amala in 2007, after meeting one another at a Naruto screening in London. Soon after, Kelly and Jackmet one another, and the five discovered a shared love of Kingdom Hearts. From there, their first cosplay group, Castle Oblivion UK, came into existance, with the aim to try and get all thirteen members of the organisation (no Xion back then!). While they did manage it, the group sadly disbanded before long. However, this was not the end. Slowly, the group began to form, making friends and creating more costumes together. 

Eventually, Parlé Productions was born! It's a long story, involving alcohol, mispronunciations, and parsnips. Seriously. 

It was through Jack's webcast of Demyx Time that the group gained their popularity. From there, they've continued making shows from a variety of fandoms, be it anime, books, movies or video games. 

Meet The Founders

 FlamboyantWreck (aka Jack)

 Cosplays: Demyx, Xigbar, Marluxia, Riku, Naruto, Rufus Shinra, Remus Lupin, Nick, Lestat, Daniel, Loki, Thorin

About Jack: The founder of Demyx Time, and quite the flamboyant wreck. Jack is the reluctant mastermind behind most of Parlé's video antics, planning, filming and editing the shows for upload. Without him, we'd be pretty fail. He's the energy and inspiration of the group, and the one you have to thank for our shows even existing.

Quote: "Stupid Thor!"

  KellyJane (aka Kelly) 

Cosplays: Axel, Zexion, Vexen, Sora, Sasuke, Reno, James Potter, Ellis, Louis, Tony Stark, Kíli

About Kelly: The one who keeps Jack in line, and stops him from murdering people when Filming Stress kicks in. Kelly helps with arranging filming dates and locations, and is also in charge of ordering people around, along with the boring logistics and arrangement stuff that she doesn't trust anyone else to do. She also makes most of the convention arrangements.

Quote: "A zombie... Potato...." 




Meet The Base Cast

 KristenDeity (aka Charlotte) 

  Cosplays: Saix, Turk 4.5, Peter Pettigrew, Hunter, Thor

 About Charlotte: Younger sister of KellyJane, and generally the one to break the stress levels with her own patented brand of ridiculousness. Sure, she's a Twilight fan... but at least she's one who can laugh at her own fandom! Charlotte is part of the glue that holds the Parlé madness together.

 Quote:  "<insert Megamind quote here>"

   One-Sky-One-Destiny (aka Laura)

 Cosplays: Larxene, Sora's Mom, Sakura, Elena, Lily Evans, Zoey, Gabrielle, Natasha Romanoff

 About Laura:  Despite how mean we are to her, she's still here. Don't get us wrong, we're glad she's still here... We're just a bit surprised, that's all! Laura tends to get first dibs on girly characters, because, let's face it, we couldn't possibly hide that gorgeous face behind man make-up!

Quote: "Me?! I was just sitting here being good !" 

   Tomoyo-Hime (aka Amala) 

Cosplays: Xemnas, Turk 2.0, Grandma Riku, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Rochelle, Nick Fury

About Amala: Once in every era, there is born a legend. One who stands out above all others. One with the power to pull the sword from the stone, wield the One Ring, and to stand, battling triumphantly against all manner of powerful and mythical beings. That one... is Amala. So, basically, Amala's awesome. That's all you really need to know.

Quote: "It's all about the confidence.

   StripeyDani (aka Dani)

 Cosplays: Marluxia, Xaldin, Tseng, Sirius Black, Bill, Steve Rogers

 About Dani: She once met an old man at a bus stop. And she's good with puzzles (especially if they're to do with keys... and chests...). In all seriousness, Dani tends to take over the "Bitch please, get in line" stance when Kelly's too tired to do so. She's a huge help in making sure we stop messing around long enough to get things done, and looks fantastic in a beard. 

 Quote: "Hurr durr something about Dragon Age hurr durr." 

   FrostPup (aka Conor)

  Cosplays: Roxas, Xeno Lovegood, Peter Parker

 About Conor: Conor is always first in line to get involved in any of the Parlé filming projects, and has even helped out with storyboarding and scripting. With aspirations to get into professional acting and singing, keep an eye on this guy, because you might see him on much bigger screens than YouTube some day!

 Quote: "Heeeeey, Xeno! No, wait, I'm Xeno..."



This is NOT a definitive cast list! There are plenty of other fantastic people who join us in our various uploads. You can find their names in their respective videos, either in the credits, or on our YouTube page's sidebar!